Love for The Ridge

Well helloooo! I’m writing to you tonight from our new SUPER comfy, super soft, just-the-right-size sectional. :) Couldn’t be more pleased with it, really. And I swear this is the last time I’ll mention it till I show you. ;) Soon!!

Every once and awhile I find a store and I feel like I didn’t share it it with you I’d be committing some kind of thrifty shopping find. So share I do. This one just took me awhile. :)

I discovered Garden Ridge a few years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Ours is a good 30 minutes away, so I only get over there a couple of times a year. But I do my best to get over in the spring/summer every year because of the variety they carry.

Their outdoor selection (and prices) are hard to match! They have an crazy good selection of cushions:

outdoor cushions garden ridge

It’s really insane. They used to have an incredible selection of outdoor pillows too, but I didn’t see many this time. I’m sure they’ve mostly sold out already. (Cause it’s JUNE you know.)

They had a great selection of outdoor benches and chairs this time:


I thought that trellis design was super cute. I got a couple of steel end tables for the deck that I’ll show you soon.

I have wanted a hammock FOREVER. I tell hubby every year I want one for Mother’s Day, and we just never get to it. I have always wanted to hang it between two trees in our backyard, but we’d have to clear away a lot of brush to get it set up.

I came across the hammocks (for $30!!) at The Ridge and couldn’t resist:

They had the rope hammocks, and then the rainbow version and a blue and white stripe that I loved.

I had to go with the color though:

hammock garden ridge

Ignore the flip flop tan. And that this is not a flattering angle for the legs. :)

This thing is HEAVEN. Seriously, I could lie in there all day. Instead of dealing with the trees, I just got a stand while I was there, and it took about five minutes to put the whole thing together.

I’m so excited about my pretty hammock. :)

They have a TON of home decor too – I loved this large drum shade:

drum shade

Isn’t that so fun?

It would perfect to for a DIY drum shade pendant or for updating your ceiling fan:

DIY drum shade drum shade ceiling fan

:) Wouldn’t it look FAB?

I loved these bookcases too:

I think the smaller one was $80? Maybe not, I wish I could remember!

They reminded me of this Ballard Designs version:

ballard designs bourdonnais bookcase

You’d save a good $500 easy. :)

I got all of our kitchen chairs from Garden Ridge about three years ago, and they’ve held up pretty darn well. They were all buy one get one half off.

These are the bar stools I have at our island, (ours were black):

I cut down the legs a bit, covered the seats and then painted them white last month:

garden ridge counter stools


Garden Ridge has a great selection of rugs too:


Not only area rugs, but a ton of kitchen rugs, welcome mats – everything!

But wait till you get a load of this…the pillow selection is like nothing I’ve ever seen:

pillows garden ridge

HA! Told you! And this is one of THREE aisles. :)


I love that they have smaller and larger sizes – usually about $10 and $20 respectively. I thought these were super cute:


I couldn’t resist a large and a small in this design:

Now I just have to decide where to put them – they go perfectly in the playroom and the living room!

Of course Garden Ridge has some…uh, questionable stuff too:


Although if I had a ton of storage space, I would so get a couple of those knights as Halloween decorations! :)

So, have you been? Got anything good? I wouldn’t say their quality is spectacular, but we’ve had good luck with the items we’ve purchased over the years. For the price, it’s a great deal. 

I love hearing about new thrifty places to shop…got any good ones?

**I’m not getting paid to tell you about Garden Ridge. They have no idea who Thrifty Decor Chick is (unfortunately). ;) I just like it so I tell ya!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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