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Hey all! Well, our winter break turned into three weeks – another day off school today! We got more snow last night and the roads were crap so I’m glad they canceled again. We’ll hit 40 today and I can already hear the snow falling off the roof (SO loud). I’m ready to see the ground again!
I’ll be back to normal posting next week for sure – they won’t go up quite as late in the day! :)
So are you (still) a Pinterest fan? It’s kind of lost it’s dazzle to me – I still use it but it became a bit overwhelming. Just a lot of STUFF and overstimulation I guess. I do use it a lot to search for specific DIY/decorating things though – probably more than Google now. It’s just not not the obsession it once was for me.
So I was interested when my blog friend Melissa recently shared how to look up my most popular pins for any time period, say in the past year. (Go to analytics, set your time frame, acquisition, all referrals, Pinterest.) It was fascinating to see, especially since so many of them didn’t have great photos. I know the perfect shot will be pinned more, but many of these weren’t all that great so I thought that was cool.
My tenth most popular pin for 2013 was this one for my black doors in the basement:
black interior doors I don’t see the black door trend going anywhere soon. At least I hope not cause I love it. :) You can see the post for the how-to here.
This one is a great example of a random picture that seemed to pique people’s interest:
spray paint lamps
That photo is a Goodwill lamp I spray painted and I think it’s funny that a shot like this would bring so much interest. Just goes to show it doesn’t need to be perfect. :)
One of my favorite projects ever, my $50 wood planked wall was number seven:
DIY wood planked wall
It was so easy and we get compliments on it every time someone sees it. Check out the update I made to it recently. :)
Here’s one that surprised me too – a shot of my glittery reindeer in process:
It’s funny because like most of these pins, I got more traffic than actual pins by far. (High pins doesn’t always mean high traffic and vice versa.) This only had 83 repins but brought in a lot of traffic – I think people were probably like, what in the world is that? :)
This one did not surprise me – it’s actually one of my most popular posts I’ve ever done. I shared my ideas on decorating above the kitchen cabinets here:
decorating above the cabinetsI think it’s a hard spot to work with and obviously others do too!
My painting tips post, again with a so not fancy photo, was high up there too:
painting tips I use an old mug when I’m painting with a brush – it’s so much easier to carry around than a gallon of paint!
This one made me smile – I shared my (easy) “summer beer” recipe in a post about our deck and the drink is what was popular on Pinterest:
summer beer
It is pretty darn good. ;)
I thought this was interesting because it was a Christmas ornament DIY that wasn’t pinned till late in the year, but it was my third highest for traffic:
easy Christmas ornament craft
Like so many of these, the project wasn’t even from this year!
Another one along the same lines – an end of the year pin about my almost free Halloween decor and it was the second highest pin for traffic:
easy Halloween ideas
They really are cheap and easy ideas – file those away for next year. ;)
And my highest that brought me the most visits was a photo of our warm and cozy family room:
warm colors family room
Our family room doesn’t look anything like that now but I did love it then! The sofas and rug didn’t hold up well at all – this was from three and half years ago. I think a traditional look will always be popular, that’s for sure! It’s classic and cozy – the reason I love it.
I just thought these were interesting and had to share. What was crazy was how some of the lowest repinned posts brought in more traffic. And some of mine with way more repins aren’t even close to the top ten for traffic.
Are you pinning as much as you used to? Has it lost it’s luster for you? (If you’d like to follow me you can do so here.)
And go ahead and try the summer beer in the winter – it’s allowed. ;)

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