Month in review and winners!

Helloooo! Are you ready for some weekend?! I am – and it’s going to be a busy one. Today was hubby’s birthday and we have the Bub’s birthday party and a holiday show tomorrow.

Have I mentioned our family has seven major events in December? My step-brother’s birthday, my hubby’s birthday, my son’s birthday, my nephew’s birthday, our anniversary, Christmas and then New Years.

Whew. We are not the best planners. ;)

I’m back today to share the month of November in review, but first I need to share all of the winners of the Thanksgiving week giveaways!

$50 to Kirkland's: Jenny at cjy5787 (at) gmail (dot) com
$100 to Dimples and Dandelions: Lisalulu at The Davis Dialogues
Free ticket to the Haven Conference next year: Becky at Organizing Made Fun
$50 to Old Time Pottery: Angela at Decorating Cents
$150 to MirrorMate: Elizabeth with Keeping up with the Joneses
$50 to Target from Hometalk: scg00387 (at) yahoo (dot) com
$50 to Back 40 Life: Jennibell at Jenni’s Seasons
$50 to Cathy at cathysimpson100 (at) yahoo (dot) com
$50 to Joyce at joycehackley (at) msn (dot) com

Whew! (Again.) Winners, please email me at thriftydecorchick (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll get you connected!

Now, the November in review. Cause I know you are just on PINS AND NEEDLES!! Or something like that.

First up, I shared how I’ve been cleaning our new floors – this steam mop is rocking my world!:


A few of you asked about using the steam mop on the floors. I did a bunch of research before I decided to use this one – because it uses so little steam on the wood option, I feel comfortable using it. Our floors were also finished on site and have a good seal.

Annnnd…if you know how often I clean the floors, you’d know there’s little worry about damaging them. That’s all I gotta say about that. :)

If you have wood or laminate floors I encourage you to do your own research and decide if it’s right for you!

Next up, we announced our upcoming holiday shindig!:


My pals Kate, Layla and Rhoda and I are joining up again to celebrate the season! I have my mantel ready (OMG…I love it.) but I need to get moving on the table setting. Hope the weather cooperates this weekend cause I need to spray paint a TON.

At the November before and after party, I showed you how I transformed the Craigslist dresser in the office with some half off knobs from Hob Lob:

image black dresser dark floors

I still can’t believe the difference they made! Love the pops of white on the black dresser:


Be sure to check out the more than 500 posts that folks linked up! So much talent out there, it’s astounding!!

Then I shared my design confusion – our house is a mix of farmhouse, traditional, modern, industrial and a bunch of other styles:


No matter what my style is, it’s warm and cozy and we love it!

Next up I shared an update on our debt free story and paid it forward a little:


Pretty awesome. :)

I showed you here how I changed up a clearanced out Pottery Barn bath caddy and made it work for the art supplies:


Many of you asked how I can keep this stuff out where the Bub can get to it so easily. Well, he’s almost five, so there’s not much danger of drawing on the walls anymore. And his entire life, he’s never gotten into stuff like this. I never have to worry about him – and YES I know how awesome (and crazy!) that is. :)

I shared how I installed the peel and stick tile in our laundry room next:


It’s still going strong! And it still looks JUST like real tile. And I still big fat love it!

After the holiday, I shared what I had been up to for a couple weeks:


With some help, we were able to enclose our formerly SO ANNOYING corner fireplace and make into a real fireplace:


And yes, I still stare at it every time I walk in the room. I think this is one of my top three changes I’ve made to this house.

This week I also shared horrible pictures of my hands:

OK, you should be looking at the nails, not the hands. ;) This polish is still going strong! My Sis and I put up our tree today and that did take a bit of a toll on them – they’re definitely more scratched up. But overall they still look fantastic, considering it’s been two weeks since I had them painted.

I ended the month by sharing how I use our year-round accessories to decorate for Christmas:

christmas vignette on shelves

I feel so behind this year with the holiday decor, but I’m staring at the beautiful tree right now as I type, and I can’t help feeling totally chill about the whole thing. I’m certainly enjoying the process. :)

So there you go! Hope one of these posts helped or inspired you in some way!

I’ll let you all know when the Before and After Party will be next week – I’m thinking Monday evening, but with Layla’s party I need to figure out the timing. Be back soon!


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