Tops of 2011

Hey hey! How is your last week of the year coming along? I’m still not doing much. Other than eating. And sitting. And sleeping. ;)

Yesterday I posted about the top ten posts in 2011 (based on your comments), and I couldn’t resist sharing some other tops of the year! Google Analytics is chock full of awesome little details about blog traffic (if you don’t have it set up on your blog, you should!).

I gathered a few of my favorites to share with you today! And then I swear…onto the new for 2012! ;)

I love to check out the posts that get the most traffic every year. It’s a great reminder because it truly shows the benefit of titling your posts right. Eight of the top ten posts that were “hit” on my blog this year were NOT from this year. Some were actually from years ago. Isn’t that crazy?

There is great power in titling your posts according to how they will be searched! Here are the top ten:

image1. How to Decorate Your Mantel



2. How to Make a Headboard


3. Dollar Store Fall Wreath


4. Comfort Foods



5. A Santa Craft


6. DIY Drum Shade Chandelier


7. Closet Turned Book Nook



8. Family Room Redone



9. Warm and Cozy Family Room



10. New Dining Room Centerpiece

It was also fun to look back at the linky parties I hosted this year. I checked back on them to see which ones had the most links. I gathered the top five to share – if you have nothing to do this weekend I think they’ll keep you occupied. ;)


5. Home May’d Spray Paint Party (493)


image 4. Before and After: February (499)


image 3. Before and After Party: March (505)


image 2. Before and After Party: November (507)


image 1. Christmas Tree Party (573)

Of course I have to give a shout out to all the bloggers who sent me visitors this year! I consider them all friends and am lucky to know them!

1. Centsational Girl
2. Hooked on Houses
3. Bower Power
4. Nesting Place
5. 320 Sycamore
6. All Things Thrifty
7. The Inspired Room
8. Miss Mustard Seed
9. The Lettered Cottage
10. Better After

Live Writer wouldn’t let me link to the full blog names for some reason. Highly annoying. So just click on the grey parts to get to these lovely ladies. :)

Numbers one and two are actually Facebook and Pinterest respectively. It is blowing my mind how Pinterest is affecting blogging – in a mostly really good way! If you have a blog and don’t have an account, I encourage you get one!

And just for fun, I checked out where all you Squeezies come from. :) Of course the majority is the good old US of A, but it was kind of cool to see the top five:

1. Canada
2. Australia
3. UK
4. Germany
5. Brazil

Sooo…if any of you (especially those Australia or Brazil) would like me to come stay for a week or so, that would be awesome. Just let me know. ;)

There you go! Aren’t recaps fun?? No? Maybe just for me? Whatevs. Did you find Thrifty Decor Chick in 2011? If so was it from one of the posts I linked to? I’d love to hear!

I hope to be back before the new year, but if not I hope you have a wonderful end of 2011 and even better start to 2012!! Loves ya!

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