January in review!

Hey hey! I can hardly believe the first month of the year is DONE. I know I say that every month, but for real. It’s crazy.

I’m back with another month in review for January! I kinda skipped over December, just because I was a little tired of looking at Christmas decor by the 31st. (Remind me of that come September when I’m chomping at the bit for Christmas to come.)

I started off the month with the first Before and After Party of the year, and I recapped some of the before and afters that I accomplished last year. The black interior doors in the kitchen were a favorite:

kitchen bay window

Go check out 441 before and after projects linked up here!

Next up I shared my anticipation for a few projects I’d like to accomplish this year. I’m super excited about all of them – I just hope I can find the funds, time and resources to get them done.

I’m really hoping to install built ins in the loft:

built ins around window 

Wouldn’t they be perfect right there?

I did a little bloggy series with a few friends of mine and my topic was making moola:

how to make money blogging

I really appreciated all of your comments on that one! Check out more of the Growing Your Blog posts here.

One day earlier this month I went shopping at Target and couldn’t believe all the awesome decor stuff they had. I shared a few of my favorites here.

I mean, who doesn’t love Target?!

target decor

Next up, I showed you the step by step process to make your own printables using Picnik:

make your own printables

Yes. I’ve heard the news that Picnik is closing down. No, I don’t want to talk about it. I’m still in mourning. :)

I know of a few different other options and will let you know what I end up using instead.

Scuffs feet.

Anyway, next up I shared a big project I’ve had rolling around in my brain for awhile…I’d like to change our completely unused dining room and turn it into a library:chocolate brown dining room

And you all totally convinced me to do it. ;) Yes, we already have a family room and a living room.  But I’d much rather have a space I know we’ll use and enjoy, instead of a pretty room that no one ever uses. Unused spaces give me hives.

Up next, I shared what I have in store for TDC in 2012, including a switch from Blogger to WordPress:

word press logo

I’m sceered. :)

Don’t forget the February Before and After Party will be February 6, and the Show Us Your House party will be the 20th, where we’ll be sharing closets of all shapes and sizes!

I FINALLY revealed my finished office! It took five years or something, but it’s done and I LOVE IT:

gallery walls I shared all of the details of the office (paint colors, sources and how-to’s) in the next post:

farmhouse desk

And you all showed off 144 craft and office spaces of your own!

We spent much of our Christmas vacation in the least decorated space in our house – our unfinished basement “family room”:

using an unfinished basement

I shared a little more about our plans to finish that space too. So exciting! No idea when it will happen, but so exciting!

I had been looking for the perfect piece for between our living room windows, and I finally found it on a trip to HomeGoods. I showed you how I accessorized it here:

bookcase accessories

Next up, I shared a deep dark part of myself – the fact that I am (and always have been) a night owl:

night owl

WOW, there was a big response to that post! So many of you are JUST like me! It was a relief, I gotta tell you. I’m on a mission to become a morning person, and I’m doing pretty well with it. (You may notice my posts are going up a tad earlier.)

I mentioned the other day that I’ve started using the Sleep Cycle app on my phone, and it. is. amazing. Have any of you tried it?

I showed off some of the amazing craft and office spaces that were linked up this month:

craft room ideas

And finished up the month by bragging on the city that I love, Indianapolis:

It’s such an exciting time here in Indy right now! So fun!

So there you go! Just in case you missed a post – we can’t have that now can we?

I’m knee deep in a pantry redo (seriously, knee deep in piles of food) that I was hoping to show you this week, but a nasty cold has taken hold and knocked me on my butt. I’m hoping to get more done tomorrow and finish it up this week!

You know, so we can find the food. :)


P.S. I think I said “shared” 67 times.

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