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Hello hello! I was so hoping to share the office redo with you today, but the last project is taking the longest. (Why is that how it ALWAYS is with me?!) And because this part being such a bugger, I came up with a new idea for it anyway. In my head it’s pretty darn cool, but we’ll see how it turns out.

So I will finish it it up this weekend and share it with you first thing next week!! I’m ITCHING to get it done because I’ve forced myself to hold off on anything other projects till it’s done…so it must. be. done.

I’ve shared a few of my house goals with you over the past couple of weeks. There’s a bunch of them here, and then a BIG project idea in my last post.

I tell you WHAT. Y’all are a bunch of enablers and I LOVE IT. I’m SOOOOO changing up the dining room. I just have to get the final OK from hubby first. I start introducing my big ideas slowly with a lot of “I was thinking” and “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” or “SO, I have this idea…”

After all these years, he knows it (usually) ends up well…so he trusts me. I just have to remind him of that. ;)

(Check out my Facebook page to see a photo a reader sent me with the exact chair set up I was thinking of! Love it!)

Sooo…I’m pretty excited about some new stuff going on on the old blog this year and wanted to share some of it with you!

The popular Before and After Parties will continue every month:


Those go up the first Monday of the month and I love before and after  photos too much to give them up! ;)

But from now on, I won’t be sharing my own projects during that post, but instead will highlight some of my favorites from the previous month’s party. I figure this way I can show some of you off even more. I’m super excited about that!!

I love seeing individual projects every month, but I thought it would be fun to do another party too…this one sharing whole rooms. It’ll be a Pinterest frenzy!! ;)

I don’t have a button for this one yet, but the Show Us Your House linkies will go up the third Tuesday of every month – the first one this coming Tuesday, January 17. I’m SO excited about this one!!

Every month we’ll highlight a different room. Here’s the plan for the year:

Office/craft spaces



Dining rooms

Nursery/Kids rooms

Outdoor spaces


Family rooms

Basements/rec rooms

Bedrooms (guest or master)


We’ll play it by ear ;)

FUN eh? I can’t wait to see so many awesome rooms all in one post!! I think this is an awesome way to find new blogs too – it’s easy to get an idea of someone’s style when you can see a whole room.

Next up are some changes in the works for the blog. (Super excited about this too – this is just an all around exciting post for me.)

I’ve been working with a designer for about five years now to redo my site. OK, I think it’s been about six months, but I take forever to do anything, so it feels like five years.

It’s a totally new look and I really love it. There are still a LOT things left to do, so it won’t be revealed for a while yet. Here’s a little peak:

I know, not much. I suck. ;)

The change I’m quivering my boots about is this one:

 wordpress logo

YES. I’m doing the switch from Blogger to WordPress. I’ve fought it for years. I hate change. Changing up my blog look, I’m OK with. Changing up rooms, I’m great with. Changing how I work? Notsogood.

I’ll explain why I’m switching in a future post (it’s nothing earth shattering), but what I want you to know now is that the look of the posts will not change – they will not be truncated, or shortened. I’m trying to set it up in a way that’s familiar and comfortable for me and you. :)

And as far as posts go, I plan to keep up all the DIY of course, but hope to show and share more of ME along the way.

Not sharing more of me in that way…dirty birds.

I find myself looking at blogs and liking when I see photos of the actual blogger. I realized the other day that all you really see of me is this:


My left hand. ;)

I’m not really all excited about sharing my mug on here, but it is my blog and I am the one writing it, so maybe I’ll include some action shots here and there? You know…like crafting, sawing, watching paint dry. The exciting ones.

So we’ll see how that goes. I’d also like to share more of my life with you guys…just a bit more. I always struggle with how much to share because I feel like I spew out enough of my life on here, but I like when other bloggers share personal stories here and there. Nothing drastic, like my son’s birth story. (Although it was AMAZING, really, you should hear about it.)  :)

But just a few more things about me here and there. So we can get to know each other better. Cause I’ll be asking you to share some info too.

And you thought you were just going to get to sit back and read boring stuff about me.

SO…that’s the plan for this year on Thrifty Decor Chick! I’m so excited, are YOU? Can you barely contain yourself at the thought of seeing photos of me painting walls?? It’s gonna be AWESOME.

I have one question I need your help with – I’ve been wondering this for a while and would love your feedback. When I’ve done room redos, I typically share the redo along the way and then show the final result. Do you like it that way or would you rather see it finished first and then the how to’s after?

I like both ways so I’d love to hear your thoughts. Do you like to see it in pieces or in one big reveal?

Thanks in advance!!

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