Target Luv

OK, if there’s a go-to place that always makes me happy, it’s Target. (Or Tarjay, as we’ve always called it. That started cause sometime back in high school someone told us Target was a French company. It’s not. But we still say it.)

Fun little fact:  Target was my very first job. Even at 15 I had good taste. Either that or I REALLY loved the red shirt and khakis combo. (Not.)

Anyhoo, my love of the Jay has been deep and it’s been long. This Pinterest find from the other day made me giggle:


We did it high school when we had $2 to spend and we do it now when we have $2 to spend. (Dang you, dollar spot!! Curses!)

Anyway, my little man and I were there today for some, errrrr…uh. I don’t remember. Steak knives I think? No – it was socks. Both? I walked away with neither.

I was too distracted with all of the pretties they have out right now. I gotta say, Target has some design-forward peeps working there. I love their clothes and I love their home goodies. I snapped a few pics of some of my favorites from today.

This $70 table could be a gorgeous little accent:


It reminded me of my World Market table:

modern world market table

But the Target version is $70 and it would look fabulous spray painted in a metallic color. Satin nickel, gold – even a bright color would look fantastic!

Everything equine is hip right now – this guy would be a great accent to a dresser or bookcases (with the backs painted out so it pops!):

It’s big too – worth the $25 price tag!

I loved this graphic lampshade:

I’m just nuts over that aqua color right now – I’m working on some changes in our living room and I’m trying to bring in more of that color.

It goes perfectly with the glass beauty on the left, and I love the shape and color of the one on the right too:

(I think those were both $40?)

Many of you missed out on the glass aqua lamps I found for the office at Target last year:

glass aqua lamps target And the color of that one on the left above is identical to these. So there you go!

They had a few of these little throw rugs with different designs:

I loved this one, but this material never works well for me as a rug. It’s not sturdy enough and gets messed up too easy. I wonder if these could be made into floor pillows or something? Or maybe cover an ottoman with one?

Speaking of ottomans, I thought this little gold round one was totally hip:blue velvet bench

And the blue benches would be lovely at the end of a bed, or even a couple lined up in front of a sofa.

They had some fun vintagey kitchen pieces too –- I loved these bright breadboxes:

teal breadbox

I was thisclose to picking this one up – I even had it in my cart. My plan was to break out the Silhouette and put “Bread” across the front. ;) But I was trying to be good, so I put it back. Boooo.

They had some fun storage options too – I LOVED these wood milk crates and wire baskets:

target milk crate

Don’t they look like something you’d find at the antique store?

And I loved this beauty as well:

white gold magazine storage

It was lined with a beautiful gold fabric, and I had visions of filling it with throws or magazines. I didn’t walk away with it just because I was afraid it was a little too fancy for our house. I kind of can’t stop thinking about it though…so if you live near me, stay AWAY till I decide if I’m going back, umkay??

I’ll let you know when it’s safe to go pick one up. ;)

Do you love Target as much as I do? Can you spend hours in there with your girlfriends like me? I miss their World Market line (or whatever it was called) they used to carry every year around now. It was SUPER fun and unique. Ah well…they still have me coming back, I think they’re doing OK. :)

P.S. I was not compensated to drool over all this stuff. Target has no clue who I am. But they should, since I’m there so dang much.

P.P.S. My friend Melissa posted about some great deals at Target today – I didn’t even make it over to the clearance stuff though. I was there for socks, remember?

Now I may have to go back. Drats. 

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