Show Us Your Closets!

Heya! Are you ready to show off more of your house? Some of you are totally ready for this party, and some of you will be hanging back checking out the links for some organization inspiration. I get you. ;)

This month I’d love to see your closets – anything closet related. A laundry closet, master closet, linen closet, pantries (big or small!), or closets you turn into something else to meet your family’s needs. Anything closet-y goes.

Why don’t I say closet one more time?


OK, let’s move on. I’ve shared quite a few of ours over the years, but tonight I’m recapping my top three.

First up, of course, the linen closet in our loft that I turned into a book nook:

closet turned book nook   

I rearranged and purged the items in that closet, and by the time I was done it was pretty much empty. So I thunk up this idea. :)

We still love it and it’s so fun having a little nook in our very open house. If you’d like to see the how-to, check it out here.

Next up, one I shared most recently – the pantry redo:

wire shelves pantrypantry redo

It’s only been a couple of weeks but so far it’s stayed organized. Many of you asked where all the dang food is, and it’s still there. ;) It’s mostly along the sides, since it goes back about a foot past the door frame on both sides.

Finally, I shared the decrapification process I use when I go through and organize a closet (which is about once a year for each one):

cleaning out the linen closet organized linen closet

And…I just realized I must have saved “decrapification” in my spelling check, cause it didn’t flag it. That’s awesome. :)

Now it’s time to see yours! (Remember if you’d like to be featured later this month, be sure to link back to this post or the blog!)

Here’s a button I threw together because I’m a slacker and still haven’t had one made. I know.

Now link it up!!

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