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Hey there! I’m posting early today (for me anyway) because I just had to share a Valentine’s project we worked on for the Bub’s (little bitty cutie patootie) friends.

I figure if you want to use them for your kiddos for school tomorrow or for friends, you could still get it done tonight if I posted this early enough.

OK, so I think I actually came up with an original idea here. (Yeah right – is there an original idea anymore??) In the world of Pinterest I know that’s unusual. ;) I thought this up a few weeks ago and we finished them last night. They turned out TOO CUTE!

LOVE them!

It’s so simple – first we grabbed (what seemed like) one meellion packets of Kool-Aid from the grocery. Because they were so cheap, I ended up with two for each kiddo in his class – total cost of just over $6.

*Important note: You may not want to go through the self check out with 32 individual packets of Kool-Aid. With all of the not scanning and not registering on the stinkin’ belt and the all the sweating and…well. I just would advise you to go through a regular line.


Anyhoo, I had some little treat bags from Hob Lob that were a buck. I created a “kool” valentine on Picnik (still not ready to talk about that, boo!), and then stapled them to the treat bags:

O.M.G, I just adore how they turned out!

Usually we do the standard box of valentines, but this was a fun little project for both of us:

I figured the Kool-Aid would be a welcome change from all the candy. Plenty of sugar still, yes. But different. :)

Cause I’m nice I saved the valentine and made it so you can use them for yourself your kiddos!

You should be able to click on this image to get to the full size:


Then you can paste it into a Word document and size it to what you need.

I thought they were pretty darn cute. :) The Bub loved them too.

It took less than an hour to cut them all out and put them together. And each one ended up at less than 50 cents each – pretty decent for a custom treat!

I had plans to get a couple other Valentine projects finished, but time got away from me. I dug through the storage bins and pulled out my cutie XO letters:

And my rose petal wreath has been repurposed since I made it years ago, but I love how easy it was to put together:

You can see bunches of other V Day crafting ideas on my Pinterest board here. I know it’s late for this year, but you’ll just be plenty prepared for next year. ;)

Did you do any fun Valentine’s crafts? Cute valentines for the class? I’d love to hear!

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