Show us your kids rooms!

Hello there! It’s time to share another space in your house! I can’t wait to browse through this party, because this month we’re showing off the fun and pretty spaces that are all about our schmushy faces – the kids:

Both nurseries and older kids spaces are welcome! I’ll kick it off with another little trip down memory lane -- the Bub’s nursery was an absolute joy to create:

*wipes a tear

It was so serene and peaceful and one of my favorite parts of the room were the stripes:

The were three different tones of an apple green that I just fell in love with. My Dad and I did a lot of work on this room together when I was pregnant so it has especially special memories for me. :)

A few years ago I knew it was time to change it up, cause darn it, the child was growing. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed transforming the space:

I am so not a primary colors kind of girl, but it just felt classic and timeless and right.

The walls are navy blue, but all of the white trim keeps it from getting too dark:

That’s a cat in the window, not a stuffed animal. He loves the room too. ;)

Not much has changed in here, I love it that much. We added a duvet cover and the Legos have started to make their way in here too:

Recently I took the rocker out of there to make more space, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it quite yet. For now it’s in the playroom. :)

It did free up a ton of space by the window, so the window seat is finally going to happen! I can’t wait to get that started:

You can see more about the nursery (sigh) here and much more about the Bub’s airplane-themed space here.

Now let’s see your munchkin’s spaces!

I’d love a link back to this post or TDC, especially if you’d like to be considered in a highlight post!:

Show Us Your House
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And here’s the schedule for the rest of the year:

June (outdoor spaces), July (bathrooms), August (family rooms), September (basements/rec rooms), October (bedrooms, guest or master), November (foyers), December (mud/laundry rooms)

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