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**This giveaway is now closed. The winner has been contacted via email.

Hello there! As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m off at the Haven Conference, so I have a few fun giveaways planned for you all. The first one was for a decor item, which is always fun, and this one is more of a cleaning/necessity giveaway. Sometimes those are my favorites!

Remember when I wrote that HUGE to do list in April? Well, I didn’t get all of it done by the end of May – but that’s another post. ;) Thanks to the folks at Stanley Steemer I did get one big project done – they emailed me offering to clean our carpets and then offered to give one of you a cleaning session!


I’ve had our carpets cleaned before and I can honestly say I have never seen more care taken when it came to our house. I was SO pleased at the little things they did to protect our furniture and us:

That thing on the front door kept it open enough for the hose but then kept the hot air from coming in the house – I thought that was brilliant. The little signs were stuck on all the handrails and hard floors near the carpets and they warned us about walking with wet feet on those spots.

They did a fantastic job – I couldn’t even believe the difference in our carpets. They were not pretty before – think three cats and one dog not pretty.

I will spare you the befores of those but I will share one – the marker stain on the carpet that I couldn’t get out:


There is absolutely no sign of it – there’s no sign of any of the stains. I can’t tell where any of them were. Let’s just say that’s saying a lot. Ahem.

Annnnd then a few days later the cat puked on the clean carpets. Not once, but twice. Fun times. I’ll be calling them again. ;)

The carpets were dry by the time we went to bed that night – so they weren’t left really wet which I love. I didn’t realize they cleaned furniture as well, so when I found out I had them clean our family room sectional and it looked great when they were done.

I tell you the truth about services and products that I try and I was honestly thrilled with the results. I’ll be using them from now on for sure.

Here’s the best part – Stanley Steemer has offered $100 toward carpet cleaning services for one of you as well. Whoo!! Who doesn’t love free cleaning??

Here’s the dealio to win $100 in free carpet cleaning:

1. Leave a comment here.

2. Uhh, that’s it. :) Nice huh?

* Remember if you comment anonymously or you have a private blog, please include your email address in each entry, and spell it out with “at” and “dot” to avoid any spammy emails coming your way.

This giveaway is open to US residents only and will be open for a week – till Monday June 25 at noon EST.

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