Coffee table redo

Hey hey!! How are you? We had an absolutely lovely weekend – my sister (Stink Eye!) got married and it was sooooo beautiful!! I’ve never seen so much crying at a wedding – every time we’d stop someone else would get up and toast and say something that would have us bawling again. ;) 

Today I’m sick as a dog but thankful for a day where I don’t have to do much other than a doctor’s visit. :) I wanted to share a recent little redo I completed in the family room. It involves my rolling Goodwill coffee table I showed you last year:

coffee table on wheels

Last year I cut down the legs on this little table, cleaned it up and added some new hardware to give it a new look.

When I added an additional side table to the room a couple weeks ago, there was something bugging me about this one. There were just too many wood tones going on in the room. (For me anyway.)

With the dresser/entertainment center, this table and the other end table I just added, the wood was kind of taking over the room.

So I decided to paint it. Before anyone freaks out, this isn’t a fancy piece by any means. There was a large heat stain on the top (from last year) as well as a huge mark that I just could not get out. And the reddish tone had been bothering me for a while anyway – so I knew it was time to paint! And it’s mine, so I do what I want. ;)

I picked up a sample pot of Annie Sloan paint in Old White to use for this project. The white in our rug isn’t bright white, so I wanted it to work well with that. I chose to use the AS paint for one reason – no priming! (And no sanding! OK, two reasons.)

All I did was clean it off with my Shaklee cleaner:

prepping for paint

Excuse the messes in these photos – it was night time for many of them (I did this over a few days) and life was being lived while I did it. ;)

Let’s take a closer look at the one lounging on the chair:


She will squish into any spot she can find – cracks us up!

Anyway, I cleaned and then with just a regular angled brush, I did one quick coat on the table. I was a little freaked at first because it did not cover well:

painting with annie sloan paint

I thought it was going to take a TON of paint. But I went ahead with the next coat and could not believe how well it covered:

I was totally surprised. It looked great!

I took the hardware off the drawers and decided I wasn’t going to paint the each one entirely, so I just taped off with my FrogTape and taped up to this point:

painting with annie sloan paint

I’m not one to paint the backs of things or the insides of things. I just don’t see the point. I’m bad like that – some people can’t stand it. I’m just glad I’m not one of them. ;)

I needed to do a coat of wax on the top, but before I did that, I took a razor and went back over the lines in the top:

painting with annie sloan paint

I wanted the planks to show, just because I like the look. I also sanded it down lightly to distress in spots that would get distressed anyway – the hard edges mostly.

I gave it a quick coat of wax and let that dry, and it was done!:

coffee table on castors

I love love love that you can actually see those handles now! And you see the cool castors better underneath too.

I ended up using a bit more of my friend’s paint who picked up the same color – but I couldn’t believe one little sample pot of that paint covered almost two coats on this thing! It really does go a long way.

Just changing the color really brightened up the room! Now the wood pieces that are in there aren’t competing with each other either:

square coffee table wheels

So far we’ve been treating it as we always did – food, cups, whatever. It’s held up great. I’ll let you know how it continues to do. And I’ve put together a little something to accessorize the top of it that I’ll show you soon. ;)

Just because I love them, here’s the before from last summer:

And the after today!:

wood coffee table painted white

Can you find all the other changes in the room? Winner gets a cookie. Or a virtual high five. ;)

I still want to change out the drapes in here and I think I have something in mind…we’ll see how those turn out.

Have you transformed anything with paint lately? It never ceases to amaze me how changing up one item can make a room feel so different!

The October (whaaaa?) Show Us Your House party will go up tomorrow! This month we’re showing off bedrooms. Can’t wait to see!

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