Boxwoods for spring

Hello all! How are you this fine Tuesday?

Sooo, here’s the thing. If it’s not going to feel like spring, then I’m just going to pretend. Sound good? Good.

I’m trying to think of ways to change up what I already have to make it work for the season. I don’t do a ton of spring decorating, and usually what I do use ends up staying out until July (or so), but I do like to bring some more natural decor into the house about this time of year.

You know…when it should start to kind of sort of feel a teensy bit like spring. But it doesn’t.

I’ve noticed that boxwood decor is out and about at the stores a lot lately. I guess I’ve always used topiaries and mossy stuff all year round, but it seems to me there’s more of the boxwood variety specifically this year.

So I got to thinking – I have a couple preserved boxwood wreaths from Christmas:

boxwood wreath Christmas

They were just chillin’ in the holiday closet downstairs and I decided to bring one of them up. Since they are preserved boxwood they are supposed to be misted with water once a month or so. Mine haven’t be touched since the end of December, so I gave this one a nice watering:

preserved boxwood wreath care

I was going to use a bright spring ribbon, but at the last second went with the same burlap I used during the holidays. The texture that I loved at Christmas feels natural to me and perfect for spring too:

spring boxwood wreath

I just tacked it on the back of the door with a hammer and an upholstery tack I had nearby:

hanging wreath on door with ribbon

You know, who doesn’t have upholstery tacks laying around? Most of the time I just hot glue the ribbon to the top of the door but I was feeling lazy.

It looks lovely on our pantry door – and totally springy!:

boxwood wreath spring

At least I think so anyway. I love how green and lush it is – anything that brings some life to a space works for me this time of year.

Here’s a few other springy boxwood creations I found – this faux wreath is so pretty with little flowers sprinkled throughout:

spring boxwood wreath


That would be so easy to do if you have one on hand like mine!

And if you have any doubt that boxwood works for spring decor – just put some eggs on it and you’re good:

boxwood wreath with easter eggs


I love that for a spring wreath!

I thought Tricia’s bunny boxwood wreath was pretty darn adorable:

boxwood bunny


I mean, come ON. Precious!

I used some faux boxwood from Hobby Lobby to make a little boxwood plant forever ago:

faux boxwood

But Jen had a much simpler plan (and hers are cuter!):

DIY boxwood topiaries


And I loved these preserved boxwood mats for crafting – the possibilities are endless!:

boxwood mat crafting


Those mats reminded me of my mossy “S” I made years ago:

DIY moss letter

OK, it’s not boxwood, but close. And so easy to do! Messy. But easy. :)

So what do you think? Does boxwood work as well for the spring as it does the holidays? Do you use it this time of year?

P.S. You can find out more about the pantry here. And more about the fork and spoon above the door here. :)

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