Hey hey! Did you get snow where you are? We got a ton and a two hour delay, WHOO! It’s so wet it’s melting pretty fast, and our temps are moving up later this week so hopefully it will be gone by the weekend. And then bring it spring!!

So I was going to update you on the bathroom redo projects today, but a fun purchase came home with me yesterday that I just had to share cause I LOVE it.

Here’s the thing – I’ll always be thrifty at heart and a DIY girl, but sometimes it nice to splurge, you know? Like last year I started using this Benefit mascara and I’m hooked:

benefit they're real mascara

Pricier than the drug store? Yes. But it grabs every single little bitty lash and I LOVE IT.

I’m not a foodie by any means, so mac and cheese is just fine with me most days, but there are a few splurges we make when it comes to food and drink. Wine is one, and these Trader Joe’s Macarons are my JAM:

Trader Joes macarons

Ohhhh my dear goodness, they are so dang good. The problem is, I only really like the vanilla ones. I mean, I’d eat the chocolate ones if you forced me, I’m no fool, but the vanilla ones are sheer delight. Seriously, I have some in the freezer now and it’s killing me to not go grab one.

So anyway, every once and a while I do splurge, and it happened yesterday. If you’ve been with me for a while you remember the Hemnes sofa table I brought home a few years ago, after my first trip to IKEA. (Sniff. I remember it well.):

ikea hemnes sofa table

Excuse the poor photo – this was back in my I-take-pictures-at-night early days of blogging. ;)

So yeah, I’ve been stink-eyeing the sofa table for a while. I still liked it just fine, it’s a great table, it just looked so simple in there. I was craving something a little prettier, I just didn’t know what it was.

Till a couple months ago I walked in to World Market and saw this beauty:

everett foyer table world market

It’s the Everett foyer table, but I always saw it as a sofa table. The first thing that struck me about it was how long it was – I loved that! Since that photo above we have replaced the sofa and loveseat with a sectional and rearranged the room. So the part of the sectional that is right there is super long.

Thing is, the first time I saw it, I walked around it for a good ten minutes, finger to lips, stalking it. I decided to go home and measure to see if it would work.

It worked. :) I didn’t go back to get it yet, I wanted to think on it some more. So a few weeks later I was back, and stalked it again, this time with a couple other ladies. ;) I asked if it was in stock, just to see (or something) and it was wayyy out of stock. People loved it, of course, cause it’s beautiful.

They asked if I wanted a rain check and I said no, I wanted to think some more. If it’s not there for me to just get right then I feel like it’s just not the right time. I’m weird that way.

Since then I’ve gone in at least one more time, caressed it, checked again and it was still out of stock. Fast forward to yesterday afternoon when I decided to pop in. I said to myself if they had it I was going to do it, I had the money, if it was meant to be they’d have it in stock. The guy didn’t think they did, but checked anyway and then came back out with my lovely table rolling behind him.

I was all high-pitched squeal, “You HAVE it??” and he was all yeah! And I was all, load. it. up. man!!

I put it together late last night cause I have the patience of a gnat. Assuming gnats have little patience. Whatever:

everett foyer table world market

It was so fast – maybe 20 minutes to assemble it.

I am in LOVE. It’s hard to tell, but it has two skinny drawers for a little bit of hidden storage. We have animal stuff in one:

everett foyer table world market

My only complaint is that one of the drawers is too small, you can see the gap in this pic:

everett foyer table world market

So when I pull it out it falls off the track and nearly falls out. I may call to get a new drawer but I’m not taking this back after assembling the thing. I think I can fix it pretty easily if they can’t send a new drawer.

I took what had been on the old Hemnes sofa table and put it on here, and added one thing just to fill in space for now. This is probably not how it will stay but I just had to share, remember the patience thing:

everett foyer table world market

Gorgeous, huh?? I just adore it.

I think I’m going to look for some pretty hardware for the front of the drawers – you can’t really tell they are drawers and I’d like to show them off. (There’s a little cut out underneath so you can pull them out):

rustic long sofa table

The games will stay – not the prettiest accessories but we like having some up in the family room/kitchen for easy access. Stuff needs to be functional for me foremost, at least most of the time.

I like that it’s not too deep too, it doesn’t stick out any further than the IKEA table did:

everett foyer table world market

I cannot believe the difference it makes – it’s so pretty and I love those legs! I even considered trying to make this for awhile with some table legs, but after putting it together I realized I couldn’t have done it in a way that would have been sturdy enough. (At least with the tools I have.)

I’m so glad I finally just got it!! I consider it my treat for all the purging I’ve been doing over the past few weeks. And I did use a coupon, so that helped a little.

I just think it’s lovely:

everett foyer table world market

The color on that photo is wonky, not sure what’s up with it. But this shot shows you why I want to paint these walls so bad – they match the sectional exactly. It is too much tan for me! I’ve already decided on a color similar to the Sherwin Williams Analytical Gray we used in a lot of the main floor last year.

So there you go – my splurge. I thought long and hard about it and I usually go with the “if it’s meant to be” mantra – I’ll leave something and come back. If it’s meant to be mine it will still be there. If not I just go home and cry. OK, kidding. ;) I do have a plan for the IKEA table – if it fits in the spot. I’ll let you know.

Have you splurged on something for the house lately? For yourself? Do tell!

I’m off to finish off this. My last vanilla. Drats:

Trader Joes macarons  ;)

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