Life with Peanut

I think it’s about time for an update on the Pup up in here. :)

A few months ago I was so taken with this adorable little guy, I insisted we bring him home:

chihuahua rat terrier

He made me cry. :) My heart ached for him. He was just the sweetest.

So we took him home and named him Peanut. Cause he’s just a wittle bitty NUT!

His name has morphed into a few others over the past few months and they include:

The Nut
Nutter Butter
(brilliant, I know…aren’t these good??)
Baby Nut
Peanut Brittle
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sammich
Crazy Dog
And occasionally… #*$&#@&%!!

Oh, I kid!

OK, I don’t.

This is The Nut the night we brought him home:


Look how innocent. Precious.

He fooled you too huh?

You may notice as I show you these pics that 99 percent of them are of him sleeping. That’s because when he’s not sleeping he’s moving at the speed of light.


At first he was so sweet and calm and QUIET:

image image image

I bragged to our friends about how he never made a peep – not even a whimper. He never barked, never cried.

He was just adorable. Calm. Did I mention quiet?

Buwhahahahahaaa! He sucked us in and then we got to know the REAL nut.

The barking, streaking through the house, FREAK-OUT-everytime-I-hear-a-noise, chew up Mommy’s decorative molding, I’ll go inside or outside, you don’t get to decide -- booyah version of the Peanut.


We took him to puppy training, which did help a bit. He can now sit on command (only on fluffy surfaces mind you – he’s got a sensitive rump), will come when called about 25 percent of the time, and we got a few potty training tips that did help.

He graduated too. Not with honors, but he graduated:

We’re so proud! Sniff.

I think he was sending us a message when this happened:


It’s getting better. A little bit. Small victories people.

I could not have lived without this thing over the past few months:



It’s the Bissell Spot Bot and it rocks. my. world. :) You just set it on the spot and turn it on – it does the work for you.

It’s saved my sanity more than once. :)

All kidding aside, us life-long cat people are now hooked on a little Chihuahua:


Even on days when he’s made me just a leeetle bit crazy, he still gets me right in the heart when he cuddles up at the end of the day:


He wants nothing more than to be right by our side, every chance he gets. He loves us so unconditionally.

Sometimes I still can't believe we have a DOG. And I can’t believe how much we’ve all fallen in love with him:


He’s my cuddlebug, our son’s BFF, and he’s just as excited to see hubby walk through the door every evening as the Bub is. It’s like two brothers, running to greet Daddy when he gets home. :)

These guys…well, they could take him or leave him:


Yeah, they look chill there, but don’t let that fool you.

He LOVES the cats though. I suspect that may be their problem.

Our Nutter started out at about three pounds and we were told he wouldn’t get much bigger. He’s about seven pounds now and still growing. He’s outgrown his extra small collar and we’re on to just a small. So big! :)

And he’s got the physical trait I passed down to the Bub – our large ears:


It’s a sign he was meant to be a part of our family. :) They’re much cuter on him than me.

Our life is crazier, busier, messier with him in it, but SO much fuller too. Love this dog!


P.S. Any potty training tips you can offer to this newish doggie Mama? We’ve tried the bell on the door, we take him out after sleeping, eating, playing…and yet he’ll still has accidents. (And it’s not a “holding it” issue – he can go all night with absolutely no problems.)

Is it a Chihuahua thing? A Rat Terrier thing? (He’s a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier mix.) A wait and see and he’ll get it thing? ;) Ideas are appreciated!

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