Measuring Time

When we were on vacation last week, I was reminded how full my life is.

It was just the Bub, hubby, the dog and I, just enjoying each other.

No appointments. No blogging. No work. No DIY.

There were moments when the Bub would turn to me and say something, or I would watch him playing, talking, whatever.

And I would see his face and it was like my heart stopped.

Like I was seeing him all over again for the first time.

I felt like my heart would burst out of my chest.

When he was born, the first line I put on his birth announcements was

“Our hearts are bursting!”

I swear mine is 100,000 times bigger than the day he was born.


Today, I did something I’ve been meaning to do for more than four years.

I don’t know why it took my so long – it literally took 30 seconds.

I measured my boy and marked “now” forever in time.

My heart aches that I didn’t do this four years ago. Aches.

You know all those pictures you wish you would have taken? All the firsts you wish you would have written down? All the everyday things you think you’ll never forget and you do?

I’m trying to get them all down, trying to slow down time just a bit.

It’s going by ridiculously fast.

It’s just one of those days when I’m overwhelmed with joy because of the gifts I’ve been given.

I don’t feel worthy  – I hope I do him justice. :)

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