Fall Outdoor Spaces Party!

Hey there! It’s here! The final fall linky party in our Fall Extravaganza:


Layla, Rhoda and Kate and I have such a blast throwing these shindigs! I hope you have found some inspiration (and new visitors!) throughout the past couple of weeks.

My outdoor space started with a big change  -- yes, I painted our front door! I have to admit -- it was nerve-racking. I had been thinking of painting our door red for months, but was soooo sceered. I even mentioned it on Twitter one day and I tell you what, you all are a bunch of enablers.

And I love it! ;)

You were all, DO IT! You’ll love it!! Crack under our peer pressure!

And that I did. It just took me a while.

Our door was actually a greyish brown – but it always photographed blue:

Many of you have asked the paint color of my “blue” door! ;) The color matched our shutters and I’ve always loved it…I was just ready for a change.

I think your front door should make a statement, and I knew if I got the right color, a red door would look fantastic!

Well. It was definitely a lesson in picking out REDS. GoodNESS. It took three different colors. I wanted brick red – and the first “brick” color was orange. The second was pink.

But just like Goldilocks, the third was just right. :)

red front door

This is the color what I think of when I think of brick. Maybe it’s just me. ;) The color is called  Chocolate Cosmos and it’s from the Martha Stewart line at Home Depot.

(Although now it photographs purple – so I can’t win for losing!)

I changed out the hardware as well – our old set was seven years old and was showing it’s age. It was brass – which I actually didn’t mind because it wasn’t so shiny anymore. ;) But it was in sad, sad shape.

The ORB set is so sharp against the red!:

square fall wreath

I took down the light fixture and cleaned up the glass, then sprayed it in an oil rubbed bronze:

It’s AMAZING what some cleaning and spray paint does for…well, anything. :) You can go here to see how I transformed our coach lights the same way last year.

The red door is actually more of a reddish brown, which works PERFECTLY with our other brown accents:

cottage exterior fall

Because I cleaned up the front a few weeks ago, I was able to add a hay bale next to the porch for the first time ever:

hay bale fall

I’ve always wanted one – I was so giddy about that silly bale of hay! ;) Now that the landscaping bricks aren’t there anymore, it just fits.

We’ve been picking up pumpkins here and there over the past few weeks, and I piled them all on the hay. Most will go inside eventually, but I LOVE the big cluster of them, snuggled up with the mums.


(Have I mentioned that?)

I was going to put the mums in the pots, but I found Cinderella pumpkins for a steal at a local pumpkin patch. I’ve seen these for as much as $12 each this year! Craziness!!

I stacked them three high and they are so fun:

I love how the front has changed this fall – the landscaping, the door, the hay. ;)

Of course it isn’t fall around here without my corn stalks – I love how they cozy up our small front porch:

brick red door

(This pic is the true color of the door.)

Now I just need to decide if I’m putting the “Welcome” vinyl back! For now I like it simple – but we all know that could change fast.

The new color works perfectly with the colors in the window boxes:

fall window boxes

I would like to say I planned that, but no. It took three tries, remember? ;)

See that sweet smushy-face in the window? My heart!

I’ll show you more about installing the hardware and a how-to on painting the door in an upcoming post! One was way easier than I thought and one was way harder. (Five hundred points to the person who guesses the three-different-reds-door.)

Now I can’t wait to see your lovely outdoor spaces all decked out for fall! I know many of you may have shared your doors and porches at Rhoda’s door decor party last week, but feel free to link up again!

I would love it if you would copy and paste this cutie button into your post, or link back to this post in yours:


Thank you and have fun!!

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