Right Now

Right now I’m in knee-deep in holiday STUFF. Every year I swear I’m going to have everything perfectly planned and decorated and non-stressed by now and every year about this time I laugh manically at myself.

It just doesn’t happen. :)

And I’m OK with that.

Right now the basement looks like a Christmas bomb went off. Every year I say I’m going to keep it organized as I go:

And you know…then the crazy person laughing ensues.

I blame Halloween. You can see from the five foot wide spider legs sticking out in the back that once I don’t get that all away it turns into “Awwww, I’ll just do it all in January.”

Right now I’m wondering WHY FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD it is I can’t keep the kitchen island cleaned off:

I read once online that someone thought I staged these photos. It made me laugh.

It made my husband fall out of his chair. He wishes.

Right now I’m trying to get creative with our Happy Elf (named by the Bub) every day, but I’m failing miserably. Last night it looks like he had some fun though:

Happy Elf

And all I can think of is this:


Love that movie. Did you know it’s coming out in 3D next year? SO. THERE.

Right now I’m struggling because I was up till 2:30 a.m. reading this:


It’s good. Obviously, so good I can’t GO TO BED.

This is why I don’t read books as much anymore, which I hate. The only time I have is late at night and then I get completely sucked in.

Right now I’m getting ready for a Christmas party with the girls tonight. I’m making these (ohhhh yeah) and I sent out the call on Twitter yesterday for a festive, bubbly drink idea.

Becky’s suggestion was the easiest (I already had one of the ingredients) so I went with that:


It’s a Poinsettia Cocktail and it’s cranberry juice, triple sec and champagne. It’s yummy! I just mixed everything together till it tasted right. I may know this because I may have sampled it last night. ;)

I had about 25 things on my list today and I’m feeling pretty awesome because I got four done. Like every year, it will all get done. All the presents will get wrapped, all the food will be yummy, and if I don’t get it all done, I’m totally OK with that. All that matters is we’re happy and healthy and together. Nothing else.

Are you sampling any festive drinks, reading any good books, watching any great movies or just trying to get your house under control right now? I’d love to hear!

Have a GREAT weekend!!

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