Pretty pantries!

Hello all! I’m pretty much done with my little pantry makeover – there’s a little bit of painting left to do, but I may just leave it primed and call it done. ;)

I’ve been able to load all of the food back in and I’m having fun (yes, I said FUN), reorganizing everything so it works better for us. It’s lot more enjoyable when there’s plenty of space to work with!

I’ll share the finished product with you tomorrow, but for now I wanted to share some of the pretty pantry spaces I’ve found out in computer land lately.

This one from Country Living is swoon-worthy:

chalkboard pantry door 

The glass bottles for everything aren’t so realistic, but I do love the clock inside (if you are lucky enough to have such a large pantry!) and I luuurve the chalkboard door. That one is an easy DIY project!

I pinned this pantry from BHG months ago, because the organization caught my eye:

printable labels for pantry


But they also offer free downloads of all of those cutie labels too! (You can click the source link to get there.) I love that everything is that pantry is in a container, but that’s a lot of moola for containers. ;)

I love this one for it’s organization, and especially because all of the space is used so well:

organized pantry

(I can’t find a source for this one!)

Those long, low containers are stackable and use all the vertical space. They make the wire shelving look good. ;)

My girl Shelley made her pantry pretty with some quatrefoil vinyl along the back:

pretty pantry

She used lots of IKEA storage, and it has me kicking myself for not buying more of those tall containers last time I was there! (A two hour drive to the nearest IKEA makes it a little hard to go pick a few more up. Drats.)

I love love love the sliding barn door on this long pantry:

 barn door pantry

Barn doors are all the rage right now, and if you have a pantry next to a decent sized wall, this would work well.

I love this idea from Martha Stewart to create a spot for awkward items :

tension rods for baking sheets 

Brillz! I may have to make a trip to Lowes tomorrow to see if I can find short tension rods like those!

And finally, what is probably my dream pantry:

large pantry

First of all, it’s stinkin’ HUGE. And I love all the space for food and things like plates and serving dishes…sigh. You wouldn’t even need kitchen cabinets! For real.

So which one do you love the most? Have you used any of these ideas in your pantry? Do you have huge pantry or a teeny tiny one? Ours is smallish, but I’ve made a few changes to make it more spacious…I’ll show you Wednesday!

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