I love you honey (oak)

This post isn’t about my Honey, although I love him bunches too…even more than my honey oak. And that’s saying a LOT.

A few years ago I would have turned up my nose at any piece of furniture with “oak” as the finish. I’ve always been a cherry kind of girl. But over time my tastes are definitely changing.

But I’m a honey oak lady now and I’ll sing it from the rooftops! Or this blog. Whatever.

It all started with Craigslist. I’ve shown you a few of my finds over the years, but a friend recently told me about the alerts you can set up using the Craigslist app. So I set up a few alerts and I’m warning you now…don’t do it.

Curses you brilliant Craigslist people! Shakes fists to the sky!!

It’s dangerous.

I found another beauty the other day and practically sprinted to their house to get it, I loved it so.

But first, let’s recap some of my honey purchases over the past couple of years, shall we? It all started with a Drexel dresser I found – first it went in the family room, but then I realized it would be the perfect finishing touch to the Bub’ room:

airplane room

It’s a perfect addition – the warm honey tones work great with the dark walls and the white wainscoting.

Then the Henredon joined our lives:

I’m pretty much obsessed with using dressers as TV stands now. It’s perfect. I put all the electronics below the dresser, and the toys that the Bub keeps in the family room are (mostly) hidden away in the drawers:

We also keep our DVD case in one of the drawers as well. Out of sight! Wahoo!

Again…I LOVE the color of the wood. I just think it’s warm and lovely and smushy and I don’t think I could ever ever paint this beauty.

Well due to the blasted awesome Craigslist app and it’s horrible wonderful alerts, a new honey came home to live with us:

He’s going in the hub’s office in the basement and I’m IN LOVE. I love it’s slightly 60’s vibe. Kinda Mad Men-ish. I don’t watch Mad Men but I’m feeling it in this piece.

It has storage galore:

I love it’s old hinges too – I’ve never seen anything like them on a dresser.

The two drawers on the sides have plenty of space too:

Painting this one would be a beast with those doors, so it’s a good thing I’m leaving it as is. ;) I still need to clean it up and then give it some love with this stuff:


A reader told me about this product about a year ago and I LOVE it – I use it every six months or so (the oak version) on my dressers. It makes the little scratches and nicks go away and gives it back it’s warm finish.

The label on the inside the dresser is Morganton, which I had never heard of. It turns out it operated under Drexel as well – is it sad that the nicest pieces of furniture we own are all from Craigslist? These are super high quality (and expensive!) furniture brands that I’m sure will last as long as we do.

Just so you know, I am not paid to talk about Craigslist or the app – I just love em. Usually this is where I say Craigslist has no idea who I am – but Craig himself came by TDC to say hello once, so HOLLAAAA Craig! What. is. up?

Do you find treasures on Craigslist? Have you discovered the app? Have you had to delete all your alerts like me because you are obsessed and think you need every single item? Do you love honey oak as well? Or are you a darker girl? Or no finish at all – only color?

DO tell!

P.S. See all that brilliant light in the basement? Yeah, it rocks. I’ll tell you more about that soon. The basement finishing is moving right along!

P.P.S. I’m so excited you’re all so excited about the dining room transformation! I picked up the butcher block counter yesterday and the cuts were perfect – can’t wait to get it all installed!

**I think these are oak. That’s what I’ve been told. I have no idea. I just like them and the oak Resor-a-finish works perfectly on them. :)

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