All about…me?

Hello there! I for one am THRILLED the weekend is here. This has been an insane crazy week and I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit.

Today’s post is one I’ll admit isn’t the most comfortable for me. I don’t particularly like talking about myself. My house, yes. Me? No.

But I promised you more of “me” earlier this year. Pictures of the person writing this blog. Action shots if you will. And I’ve failed miserably.

Still, all you get is The Hand:


Anyone want to come take pictures while I do projects? Hmmm? Cause it’s not easy to do by yourself. Hubby never seems to be home at the right time and the kiddo isn’t the greatest at action shots. (Believe me, we’ve tried.)

Anyhoo, I thought I would share some interesting (I know, this is very subjective) facts about myself in an effort to share more about me. This feels weird. Just so you know.

I just know I love finding out more about fellow bloggers and realizing little things in common. It’s nice to know you aren’t alone in this world. ;)

And I’m a little weird, but you probably already knew that. If not, you will now.

Here we go – starting with one I may be alone on…

I find eyebrow waxes to be incredibly relaxing:


That’s me, all skinny and perfect hair and smiley. In my head. Really, I’m usually half asleep. I LOVE it. Yes, it’s painful, but I have a high pain threshold (fun fact #2), and I find the whole process very soothing and I almost drift off every time. I’m always sad when they’re done.


I’m a bit OCD when it comes to my hair styling tools. When I worked full time I would go back and check to make sure the flat iron was off at least five times every morning. Now, I only do it a couple times a morning.

I have been known to turn around in the car and head home to check -- it freaks me out that much. I’m OCD about nothing else, so who knows what the heck that is about.

I can count on both hands the number of times I eat ice cream in a year – I love it but it’s not usually the sweet treat I go for (now, donuts are another story). But I have to avoid Dairy Queen and our local Handel’s on purpose because of the banana split blizzard and spouse like a house:

banana split blizzard

They are DELISH and I could eat either one every day.

I LOVE that Dairy Queen has mini-blizzards now – it’s the perfect size. The banana split is so fresh and fruity and dreamy. Especially perfect for spring and summer. :) The spouse version at Handel’s is just the opposite – pretzel and chocolate and peanut butter…excuse me while I wipe off the drool.

Why am I talking about this?? Now I’m going to have to have one. Or both.

I am perfectly comfortable going into a room full of people and not knowing a soul. I’m never particularly anxious about it, but it’s not because I’m chatty and make quick friends. It’s just the opposite – I don’t mind being alone and keep to myself.

In fact, people sometimes don’t care for me the first time they meet me. I am not overly sociable and excitable and I tend to put up a wall when I first meet people if I’m not careful. Then they mistake that for rudeness. (Maybe it is rudeness? Huh.) Which in turn kills me because (fun fact #??) I’m very prone to feelings of guilt.

I’m making a conscious effort to change this trait about myself, but it’s hard!

Thing is, once you become my friend, I’m a goofy freakaleak and am fiercely loyal. Most of my closest friends are those I’ve known since junior high, high school and college. So…uhhh, let’s just say a long dang time now.

The fact that I’m not overly sociable is what cost me a spot on this show:

Wheel of Fortune

Only the best game show EVER.

I tried out in college and wasn’t peppy enough. They had us act like we were on the show, and I said “b” instead of screaming out “B!!!!!!!!!!”

That will cost you a spot – just so you know. Pep is your friend when it comes to the Wheel people.

But did you know you have to pay your whole way out to Cali to even be on the show? (At least back then.) I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t make it cause I couldn’t have done it anyway.

Pregnancy was the best thing that’s ever happened to my body. I only gained 20 pounds total when pregnant, even though I was on bed rest for the last few weeks cause the boy would NOT STOP TRYING TO ESCAPE.

This was me at 33 weeks, right before I went into labor for the first time:


FOUR in-labor trips to the hospital and four weeks later, we finally let this little burrito out:


But of course that last time I was induced (three weeks early!) because of high blood pressure and he took his sweet time…OMG. It took a couple days all together. After all those times in labor, the last time he hung in there and wasn’t leaving.

But after I had him, a freakish thing happened with my metabolism – I lost weight SO fast, I’ve never experienced it before or since. I lost the 20 I gained, and then another 23, within nine months of having him:

Excuse hubby’s goofy Hawaiian shirt (he’s gonna kill me) – we were there for a band trip and he had to wear it. That was when the Bub was less than a year old and I still don’t know how in the world I lost all that weight. I didn’t even work out – maybe a little bit, but not much. I was almost back to what I was in high school.

Pregnancy kick started my metabolism and it went CRAZY. Makes me want another baby. ;)

Ummm, by the way, the awesome metabolism is all gone now. I’m working on it, but I gained ALL of that extra weight (23 pounds!) I lost back.

Which brings me popcorn. I love popcorn. Obsessed.

I blame my sis – she came to live with us years ago and would make microwave popcorn all. the. time.

Then a few years ago I learned that buttery microwave popcorn has potential harmful health issues (yes, beyond just the butter is not good for you part), so we gave up the juice (microwave popcorn), and went to the Whirly Pop instead:

whirley pop

I would make it every night if I could. Seriously. Salivating. Now I’m highly confused because I don’t know if I want popcorn or ice cream.

I also love movie popcorn, even though I know it’s quite possibly the worst thing you can eat. I will eat half the carton before the movie even starts.

I have a problem and it’s name is Buttered Popcorn.

I believe music sounds best turned up REALLY loud, in the car, preferably with the windows down. Don’t worry, I freak out at intersections and when I stop and turn it down. This is mostly due to the fact that I’m afraid you can get a ticket for playing your radio too loud.

I doubt this is true but better safe than sorry. ;)

I don’t wear heels, hardly ever. I’m already 5’9” so they just accentuate the feeling that I tower over people. I do tower over people with heels – even in short ones I’m just about six feet.

I don’t know what got into me, but I bought two pairs of heels this week – one was a three inch pump and one was a FOUR inch wedge. They both looked all fun and sassy in the store, but at home I feel like gargantuan woman. They’re going back. ;)

I never, ever, ever use the term LOL when writing:

Ever. I don’t why. I think I’m trying to buck the LOL system. What??? I don’t know. Told you I’m weird. I just don’t say it. I’m a journalism girl and I guess it always went against my grain.

Now, Squeezies, cauuuute and LURVE…those are fine. And lots of smiling faces and exclamation points. !!

I am both an only child and an oldest child. The first ten years of my life were as an only. Then Stink Eye was born and it was all over.


I talk about her a lot cause she’s my one full sister, but I actually have a HUGE family! I have one full sis, two half sis’s, one half brother, a stepsister and stepbrother.

Yep. Oldest of seven. :)

Here are all the lovely ladies in my family:

My sis’s, my stepmom and my niece. :) I love them all dearly and love that I’ve had both – time with my parents alone and then a big honkin’ family.

And I have the personality characteristics of both an only child and the oldest – a dangerous combo. ;) (And my stepdaughter has experienced the same, although she had waaaay more years to herself!)

My ears stick out. Big time. Always have. They are the one and only physical trait our son got from me. Good thing cause he looks just like his Daddy. :) Bad thing cause he’s a boy and doesn’t have the girl hair to cover them.

I tend to ignore trends at all costs. I don’t go with the group and sometimes fight it tooth and nail.

This is why it took me years to create a Facebook account, why I’ve still never read Twilight:


And why you haven’t seen chevron of any kind in our house. ;)

Not saying I don’t like it – I do, very much. But I’m the type who will wait till it’s out of style and then do it. Rebel you could say. So, at this rate, you’ll probably see it around here somewhere in about ten years.

Whew! OK, that’s it. Some weird, some normal (right??) fun facts about little old me. That wasn’t so bad, kind of cathartic. For me anyway. Probably not for you.

Are you still awake?


So, am I alone in the eyebrow waxing? Are you an oldest and an only? Have you read Twilight and am I crazy for fighting it? (Hey, I succumbed to Hunger Games!)


P.S. Don’t forget about the next Show Us Your House party, coming up next week! I’ll have the post up Sunday evening.

image Have a GREAT weekend!

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