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Hello there! We are amping up for a weekend of RAIN here…and lots of it. The remains of Isaac are on their way and we can still use it after a horrible drought this summer. I hope everyone affected by the hurricane is now safe and dry!

I’m back this weekend with a GREAT giveaway from Decor Steals, formerly It’s been awhile since I’ve had a giveaway and that’s because I’m getting picky about those that I share with you. I’m always excited about this one because I’m a HUGE Decor Steals fan.


I love this site and if you haven’t heard of it you’ll want to hang around and check out some of their home decor items. Decor Steals is a site that offers one fantastic decor item every day…for a steal. (Totally couldn’t resist that.) Each one goes live at 10 a.m. EST daily and they now have extended deals that stay on throughout the week as well.

Here’s just a few of my favorites pieces of late…

I love this idea for a party – this wine stand has small chalkboard labels so you can easily show everyone what’s being served:

bottle holder with chalkboard

I think that would be cute with a few flowers lined up in vases too. :)

I love these little holders and the idea of using them for utensils:

numbered storage containers

I would keep those out all the time! You know, for when I can’t be bothered to open the drawer for a spoon. ;) They’d also be cute in the bathroom for cotton balls and make up brushes.

I love these galvanized tubs and think they would be a GREAT item for a spot like above the cabinets or on a plant ledge:


They would also look cute in a bathroom – maybe with towels rolled up in them?

Did I mention that every item, no matter what the size, is only $5 for shipping? (In the 48 contiguous states.) FIVE bucks!!

We all know if you put a bird on it, it’s cuter. And that goes for this mail sorter as well:

rustic metal mail holder

I think I would use it for our napkins on the kitchen table.

This typography bamboo rug was a HUGE hit on Decor Steals, and I can see why:

typography bamboo rug

Isn’t that cool? I would totally frame and hang that one. Wouldn’t it be great art?

And finally, but certainly not least, I love this iron warming grill:

warming grill

How cool for a party or just to keep dinner nice and toasty? I’ve never seen one so pretty!

The fine folks at Decor Steals have created a video to show how they their site works. It’s pretty darn cute:

I love when the lady screams at the computer when her item is gone. Totally me. And by the way, I do not get $5 credits for this post. ;)

Here’s the best part  -- the lovely folks at Decor Steals are giving away $100 to one lucky winner and $50 to a second winner to spend as you wish on the site! Oh. yeah.

Here’s how to enter to win one of two credits ($100 and $50) to Decor Steals:

1. Leave a comment here. What do you have planned this Labor Day weekend? We have a wedding and a concert, and although I’m pretty sure the concert will get rained out, I’m OK with it because I love cozy, rainy weekends so very much.

2. Visit Decor Steals here and check out their pick steals page. Which item do you want to see offered in the future? Come back here to let us know in a comment.

3. Visit their Facebook page and “like” it here. Let us know you did in another comment.

4. Subscribe to their email list here (you’ll get notices about the new deals) and if you do (or are already on the list), leave one more comment here.

* You can enter one, two, three or four times – it’s up to you! All options are not mandatory to win.

* Remember if you comment anonymously or you have a private blog, please include your email address in each entry, and spell it out with “at” and “dot” to avoid any spammy emails coming your way.

This giveaway is open to the contiguous US only. It will be close this Monday, September 3 at 9 a.m. EST.

I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend! ENJOY and stay safe!

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