Decorating the mantel for fall

fall mantel decorating

Hello all! How are you this fine fall day? Sorry this post is later than usual – I was sidetracked by a quick (if two hours there and two back can be considered quick) trip to IKEA. WHOO!

I’m back today with our fall mantel and will be linking up over at Kate’s shindig:

fall linky parties

Since our new, big mantel is still new to me, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it this fall. I knew I wanted something tall in an old vase I found antiquing last year and that was about it.

The starting point found me this past weekend when a friend and I visited a fall festival at one of our favorite shops. My local blog friend Angela was there and I found these ahhhhmazing floofy things in her shop:

fall mantel decorating

We don’t know what they are, but they scream fall to me. They are SO. COOL. Fluffy and soft and long and lovely. I put them in the vase at one end of the mantel, then started playing with colors, heights and textures as I went across:

fall mantel decorating

The wood frame was from Target (filled with a pic of the Bub from last Halloween – fitting I thought) and the copper pumpkin was a find in the dollar spot a few weeks ago as well. The deep metallic tone was just the pop I needed!

I loved the pumpkin wreath I made for the patio so much I ended up bringing it in. I have something in mind that’s a tad more neutral for this spot though so this one may go back out soon:

fall mantel decorating

I just hung it from a piece of burlap (that’s hot glued to the top of the frame).

I was at a BFF’s house the other day, lamenting that I have NO driftwood to decorate with. What kind of decor blogger doesn't have driftwood I ask??


Until she was all, OH, I have a pile of it from our trip to the lake! Huh? Do I even know her anymore? How was I not aware of her plethora of driftwood?

I used some of it in the middle of the mantel because I ask you…what says fall more than driftwood from the beach?:

fall mantel decorating


I’m pretty excited about the next part people. I found some hydrangeas at Trader Joe’s last fall that I fell in LOVE with – and low and behold, the hydrangeas on my pretty Pee Gee trees in the back turn into those exact ones! The colors are fantastic:

fall mantel decorating

I can finally say…I got those beautiful flowers from my yard. Awesome. :)

The candlesticks were Goodwill finds I used in my Christmas centerpiece last year. I just spray painted them a copper color to tie in with the little pumpkin on the other side. And I finished it off with a big rattan pumpkin I’ve had for years, I think I got it from Target?:

fall mantel decorating

I adore all of these colors – I mean. LOVE.

The greens, creams, oranges and touches of metallic – they are what fall is all about around here: fall mantel decorating

I took some of these pics  yesterday on a sunny day, and some today when it was dark and chilly. (My favorite.) Perfect excuse to get a fire going:

fall mantel decorating

I love how everything works with my wood art I showed you last week:

fall mantel decorating

This is not the time of year when less is more for me…that comes in January and February. :) Now I crave warm colors and a cozy feel in our rooms, and our family room feels so cozy to me right now.

Like a fall hug.

Awwww, gosh.

Even the dog likes it:

fall mantel decorating

But he likes pretty much everything. :)

I can’t wait to see all the beautiful fireplaces and vignettes over at Kate’s! And don’t forget to come back and link up on Thursday when I host our last party – it’s all about easy, simple ways to add fall touches to your home. Anything goes! As long as it’s simple and easy. Or fall themed. Whatever.

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