Bookcase love

Hey all!! Lots to be excited about today! First of all, it is the weekend!! Yay! Second…I’m making progress on the bookcases in the dining room. Finally! I got the lights up and installing them was the easy part. I searched for MONTHS for the right lights -- that weren’t $250-$400 each (and I need four!) and the other day I finally figured out a solution, for $140 TOTAL.

So stinkin’ excited about it, I’m amped up and ready to get the rest done. Which means a TON of painting, but I’m ready. Let’s DO this!

I’m already know the next spot I’ll be building some similar built ins, but it seems like I’m always trying to figure out where else I can make them work in our home. I’m obsessed. :) So today, I figured I’d share some of the beautiful bookcase pictures I found.

So we can drool together. :)

Usually I’m a go-to-the-ceiling kind of girl, but these shorter versions are perfect in this space:

mid wall bookcases


Anyone else wondering if there’s a window seat between those bookcases? I bet there is. :)

I love this idea for a little nook in the kitchen:

kitchen bookcase


And on a side note – love how they hid that big air return with a pretty desk space! Brilliant!

I love how the shelves on this set have an open spot on every other one:


It breaks it up just a bit which I like. And do you spy the rolling ladder hardware? Swoon. (But wait. Is that a giant egg??)

I love seeing bookcases built in to spots you normally wouldn’t think of putting them – like a hallway or a stairway landing:

Bookcase in hallway or stair landing


Those lights are AWESOME. And probably $500 each. For a teeny tiny light. I’ve done my homework. :)

OK, these aren’t BOOKcases…it looks like a craft room. But I love love love how they used an awkward wall and made it into storage:

Bookcases around window


What a dreamy room!

I like when they are extended out over windows too, like this one:

Bookcases around window


I do love a bookcases filled up with big books like this. I thought we had a ton of books but I’m finding I want more…SO wish I wouldn’t have gotten rid of all big, thick college course books. :)

I think one of the things that draws me to bookcases and built ins is the cozy factor – it immediately makes a space feel warm and “close” to me. Like in this bedroom:

Bookcases around bed


If our bedroom wall wasn’t so long I would do this in a heartbeat!

Finally, I saved my favorite for last. Talk about a cozy space – I adore this little nook:

bookcases in nook


All my favorites – a big beautiful window, hardwoods, white cabinets and a window seat. All in a little hideaway! Perfection. :)

Are you swooning like me? I know so many of you in blogland have created your own built ins or done a great job decorating them – please feel free to leave a link to them in the comments!

I’m off to caulk and prime. :) Have a great one!!

**If you’d like to pin these beautiful spaces, please visit the original source to do so. Thanks!

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