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gray green master bedroom

Hello and good morning and Monday to you! Hope you had a lovely weekend! The sun is just starting to peek out here and we have progress happening in basement bathroom as I write. We may have a potty down there by the end of the week! WHOO. HOO! :)

Today I’m sharing a a few changes I made to the master bedroom. I started these projects last weekend and finished up a few little things yesterday. I’m in LOVE with the changes. It started with the mantel (yes, a mantel in the bedroom – one of those things I fought hubby on hard when we built the house and now I tell him how right he was) and grew from there (of course).

I had my wallpaper art up there for years. I’m talking five or six years – that’s eons in this house:

The accessories stayed the same for all those years too. I never changed them, ever.

I got a wild hair a few months ago – and by a few I mean probably about eight? And I took the canvases down. That huge wall sat empty until I decided to try some Goodwill art I had bought years ago up there.

I painted the frame months ago with leftover chalk paint, and just touched it up with some dark wax to bring out the detail: chalk paint frame

You can see the wax along the bottom, nothing on the side, just to see how it makes that detail pop. (This was before I buffed it down and cleaned it up a bit.)

Like I said, I found the art at Goodwill forever ago. It had been sitting in the basement till I decided to try it up here. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea I’m sure, but I was oddly drawn to it. It’s kind of dark and broody, but I love the colors in it and the scene looks exactly like the street and building of our favorite restaurant in downtown Indy:

how to decorate a mantel

It’s where we had one of our wedding receptions so it makes me think of that every time I see it. :)

The piece is HUGE, and it was only $7.99 – it’s hard to find anything big enough to go over a mantel! I found accessories from around the house to decorate a bit:

  how to decorate a mantel how to decorate a mantel

The marble bookends and that brass bowl were from the vintage mart I told you about here. LOVE.

I think it looks SO much better than before – there’s COLOR here now!:

how to decorate a mantel

Then, like always, I got inspired to move some other things around in the room. This spot by the fireplace has always had a chair and a little table:

buffalo check drapes

I sit in that chair every morning to do my makeup (and watch TV) so the angle was important – but the chair took up SO much space. (It was right by the side of the bed.) I started moving things around to see how it could work better and got a BRILL idea.

I moved it to the other side of the room (I’ll share more about that soon) and brought up my little HomeGoods settee and put it in that spot instead:

gray gallery wall photos

It was love at first sight. I was so excited. This settee is nice and deep, so it’s really comfy to sit on, but it’s flat against the wall so it takes up WAY less space. It feels like our bedroom is so much bigger now, I can’t believe it.

I love how you can really see the pretty legs of my little gold table now too:

small settee

I have even laid down on this to watch TV. By the fire. Seriously? It doesn’t get any better.

The cats love it too, they cuddle up on it every night. :)

The only thing I needed was a light (for makeup and reading) and the lamp I had there didn’t really fit. So I went to my favorite spot for sconces (Home Depot) and found this beauty:

small settee homegoods

It comes so that it can easily be hardwired or plugged in – most of them I’ve purchased there are plug in. I thought that was a cool option.

I moved the frames around a bit above the settee – I went up and over a little. The black was too much for me so I painted them a gray chalk paint that I already had (I used the CeCe Caldwell for this). I didn’t wax them so they stayed a lighter gray.

I love the transformation and the bonus is I only spent on the new lamp, that’s it:

gray green walls

I still want to repaint the walls in here, but it will be a while. I was trying to decide between a dark color and light and after working in here again, I’m sure I want to go dark. I just love how warm and cozy and cocoon-like it feels!

I still want to come up with some kind of treatment over the fireplace, but the perfect idea hasn’t come to me yet, so I wait. For now I’m thrilled with the small changes – I liked it before but it was getting so, well…dark:

  how to decorate a fireplace

This feels so much cozier to me now, but brighter at the same time!

Well, there you go, my adventures in switching stuff around – it was time in here. I’m not sure if that art will stay up there, but for now I love the change. I would normally never pick that piece for our home, but like I said, I just had this connection with it. Have you ever found old art that spoke to you? For $7.99 it was speaking to me real nice. ;)

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