Yes, I will spray paint anything

I’ve made that clear over the years I think. Nothing is sacred. Well, the living things. That’s about it.

I showed you years ago how I started spray painting something on the floors that was sticking out to me – our registers. We used to have laminate floors that were a darkish reddish and I noticed immediately after they were installed that the light colored vents were sticking out like a sore thumb.

So I sprayed them. And wouldn’t you know it, four years later they are still looking pretty darn good! This one is in the kitchen and we walk on it daily: spray painting floor registers

There are a few scratches on it but nothing major – I’m actually surprised at how well they have held up. This is after four years people!

So, it’s been a year and a half since we got our new hardwoods put in, and it’s taken a year and a half for me to continue the spray painting throughout the rest of the main floor.

It’s just a little thing, the lighter registers bugged me EVERY time I took a photo of a space. Not enough to actually do anything about it for 18 months, obviously, but I did notice them.

Spring to a DIYer means many things – one if which is the ability to spray paint outside again – ‘tis a glorious thing. So last night I got to it.

I’ve used all kinds of brands and like them all. This time it was Krylon, because it’s what I had on hand:

oil rubbed bronze spray paint

It’s been a while my friend. I’ve missed you. Sniff.

I just took the register out (and covered up the hole because we have small animals that would go for a ride through the HVAC system), then cleaned it off:

spray painting floor registers

Don’t go crazy here, I mean – just wipe it off a bit. I don’t get it sparkling clean. It’s a register. That lives on the floor. Enough said.

I went outside in the glorious warm weather (finally!!) and started spraying:

spray painting floor registers

Then I waved at my neighbors, trying not to look like a freak for spray painting my registers and standing there taking a picture of myself while doing it.

I’m sure they’re like, WHY does she take so many pictures? She must have some boring photo albums. For real.

Anyhoo, get it from both sides, you’ll want to get the vents real well. I don’t worry about the jobbies that move inside. They’ll get some spray and that’s enough for me. Remember…it’s in the floor. No one will study it to see if it’s perfect. If they do then feel free to kick them out, cause that’s just annoying.

Here’s a look at them in the floor, one painted, one not:

spray painting floor registers

See how the the darker one kind of disappears and you don’t notice it as much? I don’t want to notice floor registers. :)

I don’t prime them – I probably should. But with a little curing time they hold up pretty darn well with just the paint.

If you leave them outside to dry they’ll be ready to put back within ten minutes – as long as it’s not humid out. Just don’t walk on them for a while so they can really set:

spray painting floor registers

Each one took me about five minutes start to finish, and then some drying time.

Again, it’s not a big change but I love it. They are no longer the first thing I see:  jute rug

I doubt the lighter ones were standing out to anyone else, but I’m weird and it’s my house so I changed them. :)

Here’s the thing, do you think my precious ORB (oil-rubbed bronze for you newbies) is going away? I think it is. I decorating friend told me years ago it was a trend and I didn’t agree, but now I’m finding it’s going away a bit. The lighter, stainless finishes and even antique brass are making a HUGE comeback.

I’ll always consider ORB timeless on things like door knobs though. And floor registers, obviously. ;)

Have you spray painted anything yet this spring? Are you still on the oil-rubbed bandwagon too?


**To see what else I’ve spray painted, check out these projects. :)

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