Master Bedroom Redo: Part Two

Hey hey!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a lovely Father’s Day. I finished up some changes to the master bedroom and I LOVE how it’s turning out.

Yes…the master bedroom. The one I started redoing almost a year ago? Remember that one?

I’ve told you before it takes me a while…and this room is no different. I’ve made some changes over the past few months and I’m SO happy with how it’s coming along!

You may remember last fall I was stuck with what to do over the bed. I tried sconces (loved). I tried drapes (didn’t love). I tried leaving the scrolly ironwork up (used to love but was over).

The sconces stayed, because we love them so. But there was still something that didn’t feel quite right.

A few weeks ago, it hit me. They were dark, the bed was dark, the ironwork was dark, the nightstands were dark. I needed to change something up.

So I changed the dark sconces with a bit ‘o spray paint:

I used the brushed nickel paint I used all over the Bub’s room and I LOVE how they turned out! It was just the pop I needed.

I took down the scrolly thingy and tried leaving the space between them empty, but it just felt weird. So I added a fun little sunburst mirror the folks at sent me last year:

I’m slowly but surely adding a little glam to the space with some metallics here and there. I love the combo of the sconces and the mirror! (And yes, I was going to hide the sconce cords but I hung them on studs – no way to get the cord in the wall. I’m dealing.)

One little change that I think made a big difference was one I got from a reader – she mentioned she had taken the cross bars off the top of her bed and loved it. You can see ours here:

I took them off and feel like it opened it up and updated the look so much!:

I love when little things like that change up a space. It feels so different! I also cut the finials down a bit, so they weren’t so pointy and now they’re not as noticeable. ;)

You can also see in the pics above that I replaced the art that was above the old nightstands with larger mirrors. (Got them last year at HomeGoods.) I love the reflection of the light in the space, and the larger size works so much better with the new nightstands – which are just bookcases. (More on those soon!)

The frames on the mirrors have a silvery gold sheen to them that helps to lighten up the space too:

     calla lillies

Aren’t those calla lilies the most beautiful color you’ve ever seen? And isn’t the vase gorgeous?

I just bought it today. And the cat just broke it.

I can’t have anything nice.

Kidding! Not really.

The only other big change to the space is the chair:

buffalo check drapes

I’ve always had a $15 garage sale chair in there, but it was a bit small for our tushies. And not comfortable at all. (It’s in the guest room now. All of our guests have small tushies.)

The new chair was my debt free present to us both. ;) A few weeks after we paid off our last debt earlier this year, I headed out to HomeGoods searching for the perfect chair for our bedroom:

homegoods comfy chair

It was a bit of a science fair and I think I ended up bringing three chairs home that weekend. I loved this one, but wasn’t sure about it in our bedroom. Hubby LOVED it in there, so it stayed.

My husband doesn’t have strong feelings as far as the decor goes very often, so when he does, I try to go with it. This is his house too you know. ;)

I’m especially in love with the cutie little pillows on there:

placemat pillow

The furry cream one I found at Lowe’s – it was just the cover and I think it was only $7? I know furry doesn’t really scream summer, but oh my…it is SO soft! I love it!!

The other pillow was actually a placemat I found for $4 at Cost Plus World Market. I stuffed it like I did these and then tufted it with a couple of buttons (one on both sides).

I just used a long needle and went back and forth through the pillow about a zillion times. I’m hoping the buttons stay put but we’ll see about that. My sewing skills are not my strong suit. ;)

It’s shaping up nicely…in the past year I’ve changed a LOT in the room (the before):image

There’s still so much I want to do though – I so want to paint our ceiling! The wall above the fireplace is just begging me to cover it with molding. (Do you hear it? I do.) And there’s a dresser we’ve had forever that I still need to paint. Can’t wait to show you that one -- it was a steal from Craig and his List!

Even though it’s taken me eons, we’re loving the changes so far! It’s so warm and comfy and still a bit sophisticated (we think anyway):

target bedding rust

That black ball of fluff on the bed is a cat by the way. Not the pretty vase-breaker cat, another one. One who doesn’t break my stuff. :)

OH, and one more little change that I think made a big difference? I changed out the white fitted sheet that was over the box springs for a chocolate brown one so it blends into the bed – I LOVE it! I was going to make a bed skirt, but I’m so happy with how it looks I’m not going to.

For now. My mind could change. It would take me year to make it anyway. :)’

**The duvet was from Target last year, the bench was from HomeGoods last year as well. I’ve seen some similar to it still though!

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