The case for the basement laundry room

Hello there! How the heck are ya? I’m GREAT cause it’s spring break for the kiddo and the hubs – and I LOVE having them both home. Problem is, hubby does things like go and buy 12 cookies from Paradise Bakery and I cannot resist them.

There aren’t many left, and it’s only been 12 hours.

So anyway, the basement progress is moving along…faster than we planned, but slower than we were told. I know that makes no sense but it will soon. It’s a waiting game now and I’m not so good at waiting!!

More on that soon. :)

I’ve mentioned a few times now that we’re doing something a bit controversial during this renovation – we’re moving the washer and dryer to the basement.

Some of you are like whatev.

Some are all, ohhhh, I love it!

Some of you are FREAKING OUT ON ME.

I know.

A long, long time ago, when the idea of moving the washer and dryer started to form in my head, I planned to move them up to our master closet.

It’s a big closet and I figured we could access the bathroom plumbing to make it happen.

But then I started talking to professionals – three service guys total. They all about had a conniption and said if they could go up or down, they’d all go down to the basement, no questions asked. Every one of them had seen obscene water damage from an upstairs washer and dryer and their stories sceeeeered me.

We’ve never had water issues with our washer…and I’m hoping not many of you have either. But with our luck, as soon as we moved them, something would happen. Mark my words.

So I started considering going downstairs with them…someday. The basement wasn’t in the works yet, and I knew I’d have to wait till it was.

Why even move the washer and dryer you ask? Well, we’ve lived here eight years, and there are certain things you figure out in eight years. Like what works (most of our house) and what doesn’t:

This is called keeping it real people. Keeping. it real.

I have tried and tried and TRIED for years to make a combined mud/laundry room work for our family. It just doesn’t. Did I mention I’ve tried? I have.

Doesn’t work. For us.

The first surface we see when we walk in is the washer and dryer, so that’s where everything gets placed. And it’s where everything that needs to go OUT gets placed too.

And oh yeah, the laundry:

But making room for laundry means moving stuff that’s coming in or out and piling it on each other and then putting the laundry on the washer, but then you need to move it to put it in the dryer, so it goes on the floor, but then you can’t open the dryer and then you can’t open the garage door to come in or go out so it’s JUST A DISASTER PEOPLE.

I know, it’s easy to tell us to just keep up with all…put it away or take it out or fold it right away. Well, we just don’t. Hate us.

We are pilers. Proud of it.

OK, not really. Really, we hang our heads in shame. But we are what we are and we don’t know how to fix us.

This room functions as coat hanging, shoe piling, laundry doing, folding and hanging. A place to put stuff that needs to be returned to the store, the trash piles up to go out to the garage, a spot for the dog stuff and then the food for the animals and every once and a while I like to hang my keys on a hook. And the keys are about the only thing I can find. 

The room needs to be everything. And therefore does nothing well. Forget well, even OK.

Bottom line, this room does very little for our peace of mind. This what we see when we walk in every day:

And I actually cleaned up a bit for you. No lie.

Some of you smarties will notice the message on the two chalkboards in this space haven’t changed in two years. That’s because we usually can’t even get to them, let alone find a piece of chalk in there.

Sooo…the basement it is. It’ll be the room with hearts fluttering out of it:

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about a change to our house…ever. I am not even kidding. I cannot WAIT to have a completely dedicated space for the laundry and then just a mud room.

It’s twice, yes TWICE the joy! :)

This, like everything we do, was not without tons of thought and discussion…over years time. The thing is, the new laundry is only a mere 14 steps (stairs) further away than now – not even that really. The washer and dryer will be one level lower, but even closer to the stairway than they were before.

I can handle an extra 14 steps. And if I find out I can’t, I’ll eat my words and let you know. But I don’t think I’ll be eating anything other than some popcorn in the basement while I relax and wait for the laundry to dry. ;)

We have a plan for a little somethin’ that will make this move even more enjoyable – a laundry chute. I’m so stinkin’ excited about it! I think I found the perfect spot for one, but it’s going to take some work. More on that soon.

Until then, I’ll be dreaming of my laundry and mud rooms (separate, GLEE!!) – and the ideas are flowing. This mud room with the hidden shoe storage is a MUST:

(Found this on Pinterest and the link didn’t work. If you know the source please let me know!)

I can’t stop thinking about it! We’ll gain 15 square feet of space in the mud room when the washer and dryer are moved out – more than enough space to build something like this.

Sigh. Patience…I’m doing my best to try it out.

So, I know many of you think I’ve lost my marbles. Do you have a main floor laundry? Upstairs? Basement? Do you love where yours is or would you change it if you could? Have you changed it?

I’d love to hear!

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