New kitchen nook, complete!

ranunculus flower

Hello there! I’m back! Last week was crazy – I flew across the country to Salt Lake City to speak at the SNAP! Conference and then hurried home after my session (I was there for about 36 hours) to get home in time for an event honoring my hubs Friday morning.

And then…it was cancelled. You gotta be kidding me.

We had SO much rain last week and the school had flooding so it was postponed. I was glad to be back home though, so all was OK in the end.

I’m back with the full picture of how the kitchen nook turned out. I first showed you how I transformed an IKEA table into a farmhouse table here. Thanks SO much for all the lovely comments by the way! They make my day!

Well, the next phase was new chairs. We have had the black chairs in there (from Garden Ridge) for about seven years now – they’ve held up OK. A few scratches but mostly OK. But the thing that bothers me about them is that the legs become loose ALL the dang time. I am tightening the bolts on them at least once a week.

I had fallen in love with a different chair too – and for months I was dreamin’ about it:

Willliams Sonoma chairarhaus x chair

(1/2 sources)

I ADORE these x-backed chairs. The pretty curves, the warm wood. LOVE. But these were way more than I wanted to spend. (One was $150, the other $200.)

So I watched for months and stalked Home Goods and never found anything. And then it hit me to check out World Market. Yes, again. I love that place:

x back chair, world market

I got them on sale so they were wayyyy cheaper than the other two versions and I only got two because I had a plan for the other side of the table.

Many of you guessed it – a bench. I mean, it’s practically begging for it, right? We’ve had one for years that I used to use at the round table we had in here. It’s been sitting in our mud room for a while now, so I pulled it out, primed it, then gave it a fun color:

spray painting a bench bench at table

That color is apple green by Valspar by the way –- I was trying to use a color I had on hand. It was brighter than I first wanted. When I asked hubby what he thought he mentioned how well it went with the boxwood wreath on the pantry door, the island chairs, the flowers on the table…the man is good:

ikea table turned farmhouse table

I love the pop of color – this nook has had no color for so long, I’m happy to bring some in. And the best part about spray paint – it will take me 15 minutes to change it up if I ever want to.

Someday when the budget allows (and they are on sale again) I’ll pick up a couple more of those chairs to have for when we need more seating. For now this set up works great for just us.

The last change to this space was a new light, also from World Market. I had been eyeing it for months but was afraid I wouldn’t like the leafy things on it:

gray antique chandelier

I went to see it in the store and it was GORGEOUS.

I’ve changed the light over this table at least five times now – the rest of the lights in our house have never been changed or replaced once. This spot…I don’t know what it is.

But I finally feel like this is the perfect combo – the size and look of the table and the pretty chandelier – it works now. I promise not to change it out again for at least a year. ;) I have a plan for our other light that was there – once I can find someone to climb 20 feet to install it. (Not it!)

Of course all of these changes happened over the course of a couple months – and I did my research on everything for six months to a year beforehand. (YES, I take forever.) Once I decided what I wanted I picked up different pieces as the budget allowed.

I’m SO thrilled to have a big table to use again. And yes, to decorate:

ikea table turned farmhouse table

I may have to do a spring tablescape just to celebrate. And can I just mention I am OBSESSED with ranunculus. I love these flowers!

Someday I’ll learn how to properly take pictures so the light streaming in the windows does not blind us:

farmhouse table with bench

But today is not that day. ;)

I ADORE these chairs – they are really sturdy and the wood that makes up the “X” is too – I tried out some that were really flimsy and way more expensive:

x-backed chairs world market

I especially love this spot with the light on a dimmer in the evening:

farmhouse table with bench

It’s just so much more open and bright now! I cannot even believe the difference, I really can’t.

We all love this table – the size and shape just works so much better for this space. It’s so much easier to spread out on the computer, for homework – all that stuff too:

farmhouse table with bench

The round table felt so cramped in comparison.

And now that this spot is transformed, the budget is frozen for a while. This was happening while I took pictures this morning:

water hates me

More water issues. The disposal stopped working and (gross) water was POURING out of the disposal. Didn’t know that could happen? Me either. Fantastic!

There are a few more changes coming to the little kitchen nook – and many more coming in the kitchen (someday). But for now I have a pretty table that I love. :)


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